Kona 2014

Kona 2014

As I am sure you know, Kona 2014 did not go according to plan for me this year. There are many reasons I I will analyse and deconstruct it all over the coming weeks to ensure we don't have a repeat of it next year.

Basically, I had a bad swim and came out in the second group. This was not a death setence as eventual winner Sebastian Keinle was next to me, however, it was clear the winner was going to come from the big group up the road, so to be in it, you had to be in that group. I did my best to get up to the group and actually managed it by 70km's. But Keinle managed it too and as he caught the group the pace increased and I had burned most of my matches already so no sooner had I caught up than the group splintered and I was dropped. After a long solo ride back to town and discovering that my run legs were not going to 'come back to me' I pulled the plug to support Jodie who went on the have a great race, finishing 4th despite a (ridicuous) 4-min penalty.

Back to the drawing board and on to the next one. 2015 will have to be different as I have no KPR points now, so more racing, and better racing to come.

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